Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quality International Freight Service Delivers Goods Professionally

International delivery and shipping has become a competitive industry ever since the world became connected in terms of business and consumerism. Most countries around the globe have united in exporting and importing of goods. This calls for advanced shipping services that guarantee timely delivery with high security and safety. If you are heavily involved in exporting or importing goods from across the oceans, it is imperative that you build a relationship with a reliable cargo company.

Service Handles Local Customs

Find an international cargo shipping service that has been in business for several years. Experience in the delivery industry is the most essential factor to consider when deciding on a freight company. When shipping large goods across the seas, there are many factors that need to be dealt with than just transportation. Each country has its own rules and regulations regarding import-export endeavors. An established service knows how to handle these requirements with professionalism. You can be sure to have your business inventory delivered without any problem with the partnering country's customs, taxes, liabilities, and so on.

Caters to Your Shipping Needs

Discuss your business shipping needs with the company. This includes talking about the frequency of shipping, the type of goods to be delivered, the amount of time required, and so on. A trusted international cargo shipping company works alongside you, not aside from you. It maintains regular communication throughout the entire process, until your goods reach safely. A popular service will have many clients, for which reason you need to ensure that you plan the distribution beforehand. Doing so enables you to get instant attention. Nonetheless, if you are unable to plan ahead or require emergency shipping facilities, a good company is able to cater to your needs.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Common Mistakes Made in International Marketing

There are many common mistakes made in International marketing and they usually happen through lack of understanding of the market that you are trying to penetrate. The most common mistakes can sometimes be both humorous and devastating once you are made aware of the errors.

Not Understanding the Language Translation

One of the more common mistakes is in the translation of words. What appears in English as a benign, friendly, kind or gentle name can often translate into a totally different meaning of the word in a foreign language. Let me share a true story with you to emphasis this statement.

Years ago, I was involved in International marketing sourcing products for Taiwan to sell into China. My co-partner in this enterprise was a Taiwanese National resident in Australia. One of the local businesses who wanted us to take their product into Taiwan and China was a firm that produced bottled Spring water from a natural spring in the area. They wanted to call their product "Paradise Water" and sought my partners input into the name and the likelihood of success for this product.

Even today, I can see my partners face when he heard the proposed name. He looked shocked and then burst into a big grin as he explained that the name was totally inappropriate. Paradise Water in Chinese had connotations of death. People would not buy something that was labelled to kill them.

Lack of Understanding the Culture

Too many businesses attempt to enter a market without thorough research. Every country does business differently. One of the huge differences I found between the Chinese way of doing business and the ways of the west is in understanding partnerships. Many westerners' do not understand the importance that personal character plays in trade partnerships.

The Chinese way is slow and long. They will not introduce you into their network until they are sure that your character is appropriate. That is, you must prove yourself first to be of good character. That is, you don't lie, cheat, take short-cuts, manipulate, can think on your feet, have a good network of responsible and respectable people. The Chinese do business on a handshake and a person's word before they sign any contracts.

If you are western business looking to do business in China, to use my ex-partners phrase "Don't tie them up first". That doesn't mean that you give away the farm to do business, it simply means allow some flexibility for exploring what will bring the most profit in before you sign any contracts.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Steps to Sending Personal Shipments

While a great deal of communication today is done digitally, sometimes there is no substitute for actually sending a package. Personal shipments of packages can include everything from letters that are mailed to hard copies of important documents being overnighted to huge pieces of furniture being sent across the country or across the ocean. Personal shipments can also include everything in between as packages both large and small are sent across the world every day. In some cases, personal shipments can also involve sending all of your belongings when you're relocating to another country, or can involve sending perishable items, live animals, or hazardous items.

Regardless of the type of personal shipment you are sending, you may not have the experience with shipments that a business does and you may not have an established relationship with a reliable shipping company as a business will. As such, it is important to take some essential steps to make sure that you get your items ready for shipment, that you package and send them safely, and that you choose the right shipper to deliver the items to their final destination.

When you are sending a personal shipment, whether it is an animal, a perishable treat, a small package, a mid-size item, or a large piece of furniture or collection of household goods, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure shipping success:

    Understand the limitations and requirements on shipping. While this can be especially important if you are sending your items to another country where there may be import restrictions, it is always important to be aware of any special regulations that apply to your shipment. For example, some things that you would not necessarily think present potential hazards, such as liquid perfumes, can be on the list of potentially dangerous products to send and can require special treatment.

    Decide on the appropriate shipping method. There are three options available for personal shipments: air freight, ground freight, and ocean freight. Air and ground freight are the shipping methods you are most likely to use. Air freight involves the package or items going on an airplane to its destination. They are the fastest method of personal shipment but the most expensive. Ocean freight is a very slow but cost effective method if you are sending a personal shipment overseas. Ground freight is good for local and some international shipments (such as shipments to Canada) and ground freight is a cost-effective option.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

International Air Freight

The fastest way to deliver your goods anywhere in the world is air freight. The freight forwarders which include shipping by plane in their services; guarantee meeting the deadlines, insurance, professional packaging, loading the goods at the point of origin and unloading it at the destination point. If you deliver the freight for business needs, meeting the deadlines will support your reputation for you partners. If you simply send a parcel to a relative to congratulate him with his birthday, the parcel is going to arrive in due time without a fail.

Flexible Air Freight Services

High performance standards and reasonable rates are the compulsory conditions for every mover. The flexible services for customers' changeable needs should be provided by the freight forwarders to be always in-demand. Air freight is one of the quickest ways for delivering goods abroad. Almost any goods can be shipped by air in special package. The containers for dangerous and hazardous freight, the refrigerated containers for perished goods, other special containers, which are filled with freight for transportation, serve as the protection from damage as well.

Most companies apply the technology which allows tracking the freight shipping during the whole way till the destination. You can find lots of websites where you can book any kind of freight forwarding only by filling out the order form. Choose the weight, quantity, necessary date of dispatch and arrival, type of cargo and price you are ready to pay. If you have chosen the company which you wish to collaborate with, the staff is going to prepare all the necessary documents for the delivery,

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Small Package Shipping: Options and Information

They say that good things come in small packages (SPs), but of course this saying is only true if your package arrives to its recipient on time and in good condition. In fact, many important- and expensive- things can travel in SPs. You may send important documents, gifts such as jewelry, and other very valuable items in a tiny little package. Of course, whether your item has significant financial value or not, if you are going to the trouble to package and ship it, it is important that you find the right shipper who can deliver it safely and on time.

When you are sending a SP, you have the benefit of the item not taking up a lot of space and, usually, not weighing much. This means that you have a versatile array of shipping options that may not be available when sending larger packages. Depending upon where you are sending the small package and on just how small it is, the two options you are most likely to be choosing from when you ship your package include airfreight and ground shipping.

Air freight is the fastest way to send a SP. Your package will literally travel on an airline until it gets close to its destination. You may be able to choose door-to-door air freight, which means that your package will be picked up at your home or place of business, transported and put on the plane, and then delivered directly to the home or business of the recipient when it arrives. You may also opt to drop off your item at a shipping hub for a more budget-friendly transport. The good thing, however, is that because the package doesn't take up a lot of space on the plane, it is usually not very expensive to make use of air freight services for smaller shipments.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Protecting Your Exported Freight

Exporting heavy and or delicate cargo may require additional protection. The use wooden packaging and wooden bracing should be used to keep that heavy or delicate cargo secure while moving through the supply chain.

There are a few things to consider when wooden packaging or bracing is used. This article will cover what is typically used within the industry and the regulations that may apply to the use of wooden packaging.

When the decision to use wooden packaging is made, the next step is to take a look at the wood being used and the regulations for the wood in regards the treatment of the wood. To address the issue of invasive pests and plants standards were developed by the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM). Typically, the treatments and markings for the wood are the most important things to consider.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Overcoming Cultural Barriers: How to Manage Your International Sales Agents

Many business owners dream of the day when they can expand their company into other nations and operate on a global scale. There are a number of barriers to achieving this, such as cost of entry, legal issues, and logistics. One way to overcome these challenges is to use a team of sales agents to represent your company in other countries. However, even after you find sales reps, you're not quite out of the woods yet. You must still deal with the constant challenge of effectively communicating with an international team. Managing cultural differences, varying social norms, and translation issues are all concerns that must be addressed. Luckily, with a bit of research and attention to detail, you will be able to effectively manage your international sales agents.

Of the utmost importance is your ability to understand your sales reps' cultures and recognize important differences that could affect communication. One area to be mindful of are appropriate topics for conversation. For example, in the UK, it is considered taboo to bring up the topic of religion in polite conversation. However, in Italy, where the population is overwhelmingly Catholic, talking about religion is perfectly acceptable. Another topic that is regarded differently across cultures is family. While in the United States it would be perfectly normal for a business acquaintance to ask how your family is doing, such a question would be considered rude and inappropriate in many Middle Eastern nations such as Saudi Arabia. It is very important to research the cultures of your sales reps to make sure that you don't do, say, or ask them to do anything culturally inappropriate.